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Safety power terminal

Safety power terminal


Safety power terminal

   The terminal block is the most commonly used electrical component. After years of industry experience, WEB has introduced a large current safety terminal block with the function of cascade short circuit prevention, which complies with IEC standards and meets the requirements of CE UL and other safety regulations. The maximum current reaches 250A, which is compact and suitable for various applications.

  PB Safety power terminal


Industrial power socket

As industrial computers and monitors are widely used in industrial equipment, computer or monitor is both convenient and reliable power supply become industrial equipment often encounter problems, WEBOR timely launch of industrial-grade power socket, solve the problem of power supply reliability, in the industrial computer is very convenient, at the same time conform to the IEC standard, meet the CE, UL safety certification requirements, such as the maximum current reach 10. A, 1 x, 2 x, 3 x optional, small size, suitable for various applications.