Welcome to WEBOR Electrical Connectivity Singapore Pte.Ltd !

Company Advantage

Complete variety

Proficient in the manufacturing of various electrical assembly parts, systems, etc


Accept the outward personalized customization and packaging material customization of each model system

Extensive marketing

Closely cooperate with many large enterprises, and the products are sold overseas

Quality assurance

The product has passed multiple tests, and a large number of users have proved that it is of good quality

Professional team

Have a professional team to design, position and test products

About Us

WEBOR Electrical Connectivity System Singapore Pte. Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and services, focusing on the field of supporting products, control systems and electrical connection systems around automation equipment. Its WEBOR electrical connection system is a guarantee of quality, and many automation equipment companies have good comments on it. The company's main products include but are not limited to:

Module relay

Module solid state relay

Transistor isolated amplifier

PLC interface products

Signal conversion interface

Sensor signal distributor

Valve island signal distributor

Power distributor


Harness products

Servo supporting products, etc.

It is widely used in electronic equipment, automobile production line, injection molding and extrusion equipment, lithium battery and other new energy equipment, packaging equipment and other industries. Our customers are all top companies in various industries.

With the tenet of "integrity, quality, innovation and teamwork", we provide professional products and services. We have always advocated the concept of standardization and normalization of electrical assembly. We provide products, solutions, listen to the voice of customers, and bring excellent user experience to customers.